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To PSF someone is to pull an awesome prank on them, usually in the form of hilarious teamkilling in online games.

Originated from the Steam clan The PSF, "Petrol Station Flowers", and their crazy antics.
Did you just kill Baz with his own exploding barrel?
Yeah, classic PSF.
by Robzor McFabulous March 02, 2011
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Acronym for "Plastic Surgery Face", a condition that occurs when someone has so much plastic surgery done, that their face ends up looking like a half melted candle. A warning to those considering extensive plastic surgery, because they clearly haven't quite figured that shit out yet.
If you were the hot chick in an 80's music video, chances are you now have a severe case of PSF.
by Guy Whitey Corngood April 22, 2016
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PSF is an acronym for "piece of shit faggot."

It is generally used when addressing a close friend as a term of endearment, in much the same fashion blacks stereotypically use racial slurs to express their friendship. Another similarity to the racial slurs parallel is that it is NOT acceptable to be outside a friendship circle and refer to someone within said circle as a "PSF."

The term "PSF" is often lengthened to its root "piece of shit faggot," depending upon the user and the situation at hand. When pressed for time or around someone not within the aforementioned circle, PSF becomes one's first choice. When not rushed and not bothered, the elongated term is the way to go.
Person 1: "What the fuck, man. That piece of shit faggot said he'd be here by now."

Person 2: "I know. Fuckin' PSF. Give him shit when he gets here."
by Golleniel October 21, 2013
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Acronym for Porn Star Finish. When a prostitute allows someone to cum on her face or body like a porn movie instead of cum inside her.
Most guys will do just about anything in exchange for an energetic, wet, sloppy blow job with a PSF.
by AndyRBR December 30, 2005
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"Pure Sober Fun". The type of fun and partying that occurs with your parents or goody-goody friends. It is likely that there will be no alcohol or drugs involved, only board games. The 'fun' is used sarcastically because in reality, there is no fun in being purely sober.
We couldn't drink last night because Monica was there. It was PSF.
by ginnefuh December 15, 2018
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Post-shower flow
a person's hair right after he/she gets out of the shower
"That snapchat from him was sooo hot!"
"What as it?"
"He just got out of the shower! His PSF was amazing."
by maddieeeee December 29, 2013
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Pre-shit fart. A fart released shortly before taking a dump. Extraordinarily foul-smelling as a result of passing through a colon full of shit. Creates a warm or burning sensation in & around the anus when released.
"Dude, that PSF you just ripped was so nasty. Why don't you go to the bathroom and shit already?"
by synthbeatz May 18, 2010
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