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Psycho Study Bitch.
1) Generally a female biology major who is a crazy studier. Signs including typing notes on a laptop (typically a macbook pro), often with excessively loud keystrokes, copying pretty much word for word the lecture, then actually wants to compare notes 3 weeks prior to exams to ensure she didn't miss a single pronoun. Her typical diet requires a cup of coffee in in lecture to function. Excessively organized, the PSB's notes are often color coded, her text book is pretty much all highlighted, and she attends pretty much every extra study session/group possible, regardless of its actual usefulness. Ironically, despite this excessive level of preparation, the PSB often acquires mediocre grades, especially with regards to the effort exerted, and will inevitably begin to get gray hair and bald early from the excessive levels of stress she subjects herself to. Often feeling as though she has to prove herself as a woman in a "male dominated field", she will go to great lengths to ensure people realize her presence, be it via excessive questioning of the professor during lecture (often of rudimentary or offbase topics clearly intended solely for attention) or sending mass emails to the class for said sharing of notes and organization of study groups.
That PSB won't stop asking me to join her study group.
by Romeo Papa February 08, 2010
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Polk Street Boyz, an asian crip gang that resides in North Highlands California also known as north sacramento.
Them PSB niggas are runnin the blocc again.
by Chen Chea tha Swift May 21, 2006
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Public School Boy

Easily identifiable by 'bed hair', collars up, scruffy looking designer clothes and scarf accessory.

Favourite hobbies include getting stoned, shopping with mummy or daddy for the latest monogrammed Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and attending raves.

Ref: see 'PSG'
<Pirate 1> Thar be a PSB.
<Pirate 2> Aye! So thar be.
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005
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Pussy Smashing Brigade. Founded by Alexander the Great in 333 BC as a way to off-set rumours of his homosexuality, the PSB has continued on a sexual conquest for upwards of two millenia. In today's lexicon, it is used to congratulate a friend for a succesful sexual adventure, or to hype up a group of young men prior to a night of pussy smashing.
How was your night?....I dominated. I was promoted to Colonel in the PSB
by Herman the German 2 June 14, 2010
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when a male masterbates immediatly before engaging in sexual relations, to avoid pre-maturely ejaculating during intercourse.
wow, when i havfe a psb before sex, i can last all night.
by simplesam990 December 27, 2010
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Poisonous Sperm Build-up.
This is the male version of PMS. Characterized by moody outbursts and a generally disagreeable disposition. Caused when a male allows other life issues to get in the way of not properly taking care of his sexual needs.
Dick is being such an a#*hole tonight. Must be the PSB - that time of the month.
by mark77nyc March 11, 2008
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