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PRM(partido Revolucionario Mexicano)
PRM is another texas gang which is characterized for fanatism, belief, and somewhat worship of old mexican revolucionaries such as Pancho Villa.
"ese vato es del PRM"
by Jex Bonepartz July 28, 2006
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girl 1: did u see that PRM over there
girl 2: yeah hes so hot but he has no personality
girl 1: true true
by coocoo2193 June 08, 2016
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PRM. This is an acronym for PunkRockMetal.
PRM is made up of 2 really cool dudes from a place called Joburg in South Africa. Basically they organise the most awesome gigs with bands from all around South Africa. Punk, rock, metal, indie, street punk, reggae or whateva the genre is, these guys organise a show the bands from that genre! Always a great night!
This saturday the best gig of the year is happening!! And all the best bands are playing!! It was orgainised by PRM!!
by PRM dudes August 14, 2007
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P.R.M (Pussy Retention Management). A type of software you save all of your sex partners in to keep track of them.
"What was that girls name you banged back in 06 on New Years Eve?" Damn I wish I had saved her info into PRM!
by Lovetoeatpussy November 24, 2013
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