A type of health insurance plan which increases 3-5% annually without any increase in medical benefits.

Also known as a preferred provider organization.
Michael - "What does PPO stand for?"
Rocco - "It stands for Piss Poor Option."
by Schulist October 9, 2018
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Noun, Adverb. Acronym of the phrase "Pussy Pound Out", pertaining to slang descriptions of the female gentalia and the act of "pounding out" or having sex. Phrase is abbrevaited in order to retain discretion while discussing subject in public, or for general merriment.
"Did you PPO last night?", one might inquire to a friend.
"I PPO'ed some bitch last night and I have no Idea who she was...", another confused fellow might muse.
by SpauldingMacgregor July 27, 2008
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Pussy Pound Out

Perfect for covert discussion among clueless women.
(Morning after a party, talking to friend)

Friend: "So, PPO's last night?"

You: "Ridiculous PPO's. We did a 3 hour PPO session, and now my thighs are sore."
by J'etais un Dadaist? February 7, 2008
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Party of the Perpetually Offended- reference to the Democrat Party
With all the Trump bashing, it's good we're not the PPO, otherwise we'd have to cuddle up in our safe spaces
by misterglenn November 21, 2016
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Abbreviation of "Pussy Pound Out." Used when discussing sex in a context--particularly sex that just happened--in a situation where discussing sex is not appropriate. Especially useful when at work. It is actually an extremely polite way to crudely discuss one's sexual behavior, and is increasingly considered the best form of etiquette when discussing sex among certain circles.
On the phone at work:

"Grady! Did you get those PPOs taken care of yesterday?"


"Yeah. Not just one PPO last night, but three! Things are going great!"

(Anyone over-hearing is completely unaware.)
by markcorrigan March 30, 2010
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"Playa Play On"

acronym encouraging a player to continue on his womanizing ways
"I heard Jude Law got another chick pregnant."
by InitiallyBHC August 23, 2009
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Poly(p-phenylene oxide) (PPO) or poly(p-phenylene ether) (PPE) is a high-temperature thermoplastic. It is rarely used in its pure form due to difficulties in processing. It is mainly used as a blend with polystyrene, high impact styrene-butadiene copolymer or polyamide.
PPO blends are used for structural parts, electronics, household and automotive items that depend on high heat resistance, dimensional stability and accuracy. They are also used in medicine for sterilizeable instruments made of plastic
by Nickelman the scientist August 22, 2011
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