Pay Per Meet. Generally used in the escorting or sugar baby business.
“If you’re into PPM, we may be a good fit.”
by Yellow_beans June 11, 2018
Person perceived as male.

That is, a person whom people think of as man, and who looks like a man, but who might not identify as a man. A useful term, e.g., for non-binary people.
As a PPM, I am expected to use the men's bathroom.
by Dominique U. December 28, 2019
Poor Pussy Management. When a girl is Wreckless with her vagina.
That single mom has PPM. She has four kids by four different men.
by BigHomie713 August 28, 2020
Natalie: "Holy shit, Thomas is so so so fine!"
Olivia: "Doesn't he make you want to PPM?!?!"
Natalie: "Teriyaki that he is your husband..."
by T Greub December 26, 2011
She’s my ppm
by Nj1999 August 30, 2019
Talked to the nursing team today. Looks like they are suffering from PPM
by Massive Onanist July 23, 2020
(Pumps per minute). During sexual intercourse, it is the number of pelvic thrust in a minute of time
His PPM rate was 60 pumps per minute
by Kotacass May 21, 2022