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Pay Per Meet. Generally used in the escorting or sugar baby business.
β€œIf you’re into PPM, we may be a good fit.”
by Yellow_beans June 10, 2018
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Person perceived as male.

That is, a person whom people think of as man, and who looks like a man, but who might not identify as a man. A useful term, e.g., for non-binary people.
As a PPM, I am expected to use the men's bathroom.
by Dominique U. December 28, 2019
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An acronym for Pumps Per Minute. The standard measurement for the rate of thrusting during coitus/ vaginal/ anal penetration, where one pump is defined as the complete thrust of the penetrator's hips.
Although, she prefers a P.P.M. around 40, her man does not have the sexual endurance yet.
by melvin lavoix June 07, 2006
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Scientific Term.

It means Parts Per Million.
What does ppm mean?

See Above.
by chowman November 09, 2006
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Post Premenstrual Syndrome

After you've finished your period, you/they are unusually bitchy, like when you are pms-ing.

Anytime you or a person(female) are bitchy and you/they are not suffering from PMS.

A safe way for guys to ask, "Are you on your period?" without getting hurt.
Susan, why are you so bitchy? I know you're not pms-ing, because you had your period last week. Are you suffering from PPMS?
by Carmelambition May 28, 2010
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Natalie: "Holy shit, Thomas is so so so fine!"
Olivia: "Doesn't he make you want to PPM?!?!"
Natalie: "Teriyaki that he is your husband..."
by T Greub December 25, 2010
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