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A game in which several children are seated in a circle. One child who is chosen to be Poor Pussy stands in the center. Poor Pussy then kneels before some child and meows three times. Every time he meows, the child whom he is facing must say "Poor Pussy!" without laughing. If he laughs, he becomes the new Poor Pussy. If he doesn't laugh, the pussy must move onto the next child and try again.
"Tonight at my sleepover, we're gonna play a nice, fun game of Poor Pussy! Who wants to be the pussy!?"
by seusswizard January 15, 2014
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A person who immature and doesn't know how to properly associate with other humans. Someone with a hurting personality.
"Did James really stop replying to your texts but continue to send you snap chats and watch your story?"
"Yeah, he's kind of poor pussy."
by recycled_air__ October 04, 2017
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