PP = Potential Pussy

Potential Pussy being potential females to get with at a party.
Guy1: You heard about this party tonight?

Guy2: Yeh dude, whats the PP like?

Guy1: PP's Good Bro

Guy2: Nice!
by JS92 November 7, 2009
abreviation for Persian Pride
by aguynamedandy September 28, 2005
It when you have large dick but to young to say dick you say pp
by Red lighter March 15, 2020
Jenn was such a PP lastnight when she wanted to leave the party early.
by TokyoWard November 5, 2013
Persperating penis, when a males reproductive organ becomes wet or damp from vigerous activites
dude after running that relay i got major PP
by sherm15 November 26, 2005
Stands for Profile Picture, used as an adjective, noun, or verb.

(n) A profile picture
(v) to make a picture a profile picture
(adj) worthy material to be a profile picture, usually a picture of great quality and worth
Yo, can you take a picture of me? i wanna pp it.

you should pp that picture of that time you went skydiving

when are you going to change your pp? i dont like it
by thelorax11 November 28, 2011
Pork piss, the piss of a pig (it’s quite simple)
-Omg Tom smells like PP 🤷 ♀️
- quit acting like PP
by I was here with the Antanyms November 26, 2018