Parking Lot Beer - Beer(s) consumed back at the cars after an activity like a trail run or MTB ride. They are usually either very high quality craft brews or very cheap beer.
Who's idea was it to go out for another lap!? It is time to get back for PLBs.
The PLB is PBR. However, Tom brought IPA. Too bad he went OTB.
by BikesBeerBob January 5, 2018
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Abbreviation for Prancing Little Bitch - Originally a DOTA term for players using the character Encahantress, a horse that prances around, the term has extended into general use in the modern League of Legends for a player who prances around farming minions instead of joining team-fights.

The term is also applicable in everyday life for a person who flakes out on fun activities for unknown or unjustified reasons.
Jim: Nick what the hell, you missed the team-fight, we got slaughtered.

Nick: HAHAHA, I'm watching my lane!

Jim: What a PLB


Ben: John, are you in for this game of Beer-Pong?

John: Hold on, I'm playing with this scorpion I just found.

Ben: Get your ass over here, ya prancin' little bitch, The team needs you!!
by dangerzone116 September 13, 2011
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(Noun) Stands for pretty little bitches. Usually refers to a clique of girls in high school.
1: Who the fuck are they; they look like assholes
2: That’s PLB. Stay away from them they’re crazy
by Shemaneleven November 23, 2018
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the abreveation for: Pussy Licking Bitch
Shelby, why do you have to be such a PLB”
by what1432 June 18, 2009
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acronym for "Pissy Little Bitch"
usually referring to male with dramatic female tendencies
I seriously cannot handle that PLB whining about the carbonation in his fruity effen cocktail.
by brobi March 17, 2010
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meaning Persistant Little Bitch.
aka: someone who doesn't give up until their point has been made, or until they get what they want. Usually someone who is very stubborn.
Melissa: (adds an unflattering picture of Rebecca on facebook)
Rebecca: DELETE
Melissa: Nooo! It's so funny!
Rebecca: MELISSA DELETE THIS NOW. Am I going to have to be a PLB on your ass?

"Don't be such a PLB!"
by Savage_Cabbage September 15, 2009
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It's the abreviation for Pretty Little Bitch.
John: What ya said?
You: Oh, c'mon PLB, c'mon!
by MartinBB February 18, 2014
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