party-killer. this is either someone or something that ruins a party
(guy arrives at a party, adresses the host): "dude, im so sorry, i just smashed into your car"
(somebody in the background): "jeez, thats a pk..."

by P-zilla April 26, 2006
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Jarred was the trailblazing PK of the new milennium before he died of over masturbation early this year
by John Hardgrove November 22, 2002
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Pk means Player Kid. Commonly used to describe kids who get alot of action.
Kid 1: Damn hes such a pk.
Kid 2: I know two girls at once.
Kid 1: Such a pk.
by pak but the real maker is MM August 21, 2006
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to be grossly over weight (plump) (kid)
wow that guy is pk.
getting pk.
wow could that guy be anymore pk.
by andrew ttooulias May 08, 2007
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Popular kid. Some people like them, some people hate them, and everyone lurks their pictures.
kid #1: OMG were you at that PK party on friday night?
kid #2: Um no, were you?
kid #1: No, but I totally saw the pics.
by Mrs. Gill December 18, 2006
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n.an abbreviation for the words "pussy killas".
It is also a STUPID crew in which 2 guys (or 3 depending on noah)think they can get any girl they want, when in fact they might get girls-but the sick, gross, UGLY ones.
This Friday, Dylan and Ty picked up a couple of ugly,fat Paly hoes and put them in the back of his red Ford Escape to begin their "Pk Weekend".
by AnonymousWriterPK January 02, 2009
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