Soo daddy, super sexy, Nyack’s usually have big dicks, they’re nice but can be mean, most Nyack’s are destined to have a great future and they always have the girls on lockdown
He’s such a Nyack
by Anna dudley May 19, 2018
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A town just outside of NYC with insanely high taxes and full of feminazis and trendy cunt kids that encourage all diversity with the exception of diversity of thought. In Nyack, you will hear awful modern slang phrases until you fire a gun next to your ear to deafen yourself (said gun will likely be aimed at your temple as well). Additionally, a large amount of the towns inhabitants are stoners or just flat out idiots.

Pros of Nyack:
-You get a feeling of intellectual superiority due to most people around you being either high or dumb.
-Some of the restaurants are actually pretty good.
-Home of our lord and savior, Benjamin Gates

Cons of Nyack:
-Arrogant, trendy, bitch ass kids everywhere.
-Little amounts of diverse thought.
-Radical Feminism is more than common.
-Your body might just involuntarily take your own life because you can't handle the cringe.
Nyack is heavily deserving of the warheads dropped on Japan. Both of them.
by Retardation Incarnate September 16, 2017
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Trendy Small town where all the worthless musicians in Rockland county go and hang out. Also home of Olive's where the previously mentioned wastes of life can get a bucket of PBR for $10. thus allowing ample money for pot, and or coke later. also home of many underage Whores. Got tattoos, long hair, or a life without ambition? This is the place to be!
Dude, Lets go hang out in Nyack. Sweet! John's Fall Out Boy Cover band is playing a Olive's I heard!
by Frnak December 22, 2007
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Anything that is new, fun or spicy.
Synonyms include lit or cool.
“Dude that’s so nyack
I hope there are some nyack clothes in this store
by small shark.1 August 15, 2019
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One of the hardest sections of rockland county,many people from westchester and new jersey travel here to shop in the downtown part because they have nowhere to go in there own areas but, they mainly try to skip around depew,waldron, and franklin especially after dark. there is a bloody rivalry between nyack and spring valley and anytime the two get mixed up there is stabbings or shootings but most of the time people try not to trip and stay in there own hoods. Besides the violence, there are many places to shop, sight see such as the view along the coast of the hudson at memorial park were the tappen zee is visible along with many different ports. People driven in from valley cottage and other homo towns are usually not welcome by the locals and are constantly tried to ridden but still they often keep there distance from the plazas or top because of the poverty. Generally, nyack is the greatest place to live
Spring valley man:hey, u guys are going to nyack man, man dont go i dont want you to get hurt.
Other spring valley man:yea, we have golden krust, and golden krust, and uh golden krust
Spring valley man: yea. do they have golden krust no i did'nt think so
Group of leaving spring valleys: yea but they do have two greeks and a gyro, tarentellas, touriellos,olives,strawberry place,murrays deli, mini-mart, there 1 minute away from the palisades mall(THE BIGEST MALL ON THE EAST COAST)
Spring valley men: right just go, but bring a gun nd dont where that spring valley football jersey.
by Yack Rules,forget sv marks October 25, 2009
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1: Small, just talkative

Short ass nigga, always call him little guy. He is 2’4 and should be wearing size 3 everything
Fham why is baby sister taller than you” nyack - this is nyack, so nyack
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