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Stands for Plot Induced Stupidity, used mostly on comic book forums.
When a character does something that they should not be able to do, it is called PIS. For example, Wolverine beating the Hulk, or Superman turning back time)
by Shadow Wolverine July 08, 2006
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Palmetto Industrial Services, Inc. (PIS)
PIS is the legal ease abbreviation of a small business entity chartered in the State of South Carolina. The state tree of South Carolina is the Palmetto tree.
by SmallsFan July 16, 2018
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Stands for Party Immune System. The amount of partying one can take revolves around their PIS. It can be rated on a scale of 1-10.
Shit, Kellen your PIS is at about a 3 these days, pussy!
by ChadSonZor December 12, 2009
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PIS = "Positive Internet Support." Sending PIS is a way to say "Hey, I'm here for you. I'd be hugging you in real life, but since I can't, I'm sending you comfort as best I can, here on the internet."
"I'm so sorry to hear what's going on with you. *hugs and PIS*"
by wimsey March 09, 2012
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PIS is an acronym for "pretty interesting shit". Please note this is an acronym because you actually pronounce it as "piss".
Marley:Hey, check out this Stephen Hawkings lecture! It's PIS!
Bob: Wow, I'm so glad I learned about wormholes! That was PIS!
by Spozzy January 06, 2011
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PIS (Noun) is an acronym for Personal Individual Style. It can be used to describe or categorize all style which is both Personal and Individual. The term can also be interpreted more broadly to refer not only to manner of dress.
"I really like your PIS today."

"She's got some mad-hot PIS."

"Her PIS is piping hot--I mean FRESH out of the urethra!"

"You call that PIS?"
by DRSTP June 08, 2007
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