‘Personal Information Posting’

Sometimes used on Internet forums when one member posts another memebers personal information such as pictures, FaceBook, place of work, phone number etc. This usually happens when a forum member gets upset or ‘gotten to’ because of an argument he/she had with another member.
User 0000 PIP’d posted private Facebook pictures after user 0001 won an argument.
by Nokster December 30, 2017
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The euro rose 10 pips against the dollar.
by Doc Pie June 22, 2017
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aka PIPGLOCK and grootste strijder ever!!!! He is so cool the world isn't able the take care of it.
OMG! Thats Pip, damn he cool.
by danny030 April 10, 2019
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Pip (name) is asmall boy who's very shy and has alot of girlfriends in his life. He finds it very hard to develop the confidence to ask someone out in person but nearly every time will be accepted, even if the person he has a crush on is taken. He also was always bullied when he was younger for weird reasons.
Girl: he's so hot but I heard he was extremely shy around girls and takes alot of time to develop the confidence to ask out girls like us. He has to be accepted by all of them though.
Other girl: he must be a Pip then.He's so sexy and was apparently bullied when he was younger. Which is so bad because I want to fuck him so hard and he can just punch my boyfriend in the face now. He's also really small and cute so he must have had alot of girlfriends
Girl: No he's mine.
by BLOODY LEGEND 6969696969 December 16, 2019
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Australian slang that means crack pipe, widely known but used only by meth heads
"Oi James bro, you got a spare pip I can use?"
by fuckpipgetonthefit July 09, 2019
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