Physically In, Mentally Out.

A term used by the ex-jw community.
Most PIMO stay in undercover because they do not want to leave their family in the cult and never see them again.
by anon_ghostJilly May 6, 2017
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Acronym that stands for Pee In My Orifice
Hey Grant... wanna PIMO tonight?
by nadadetaco August 11, 2021
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noun 1. The best and top pimps Mej and Jenny aka Flying Monkey and P-Rock
1. Mej is a true pimo for life.
by P-Rock July 27, 2004
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Noun: A want to be Pimp; try hard Pimp; a failed Pimp.
Your such a Pimo; You Pimo.
by ∑ltrendo™ November 7, 2007
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noun: two real #1 pimos, Chirstine and Andy and noone else!
derived from the gangster word "pimp"
Whats up Pimo?!? or Your a Fucking Pimo!!
by Stash March 23, 2005
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(N) Pink-emo synonyms include scene, preppy emo. Often meaning one who has an emo outlook but dresses preppy.
That pimos shirt is lame.
by Masterriko August 13, 2008
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A diminutive form of pimp, often used in reference to a female. See also: pimpette
Yo, she's a pimo. I don't think she's looking for commitment.
by feodora November 6, 2009
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