There is a story about the pierrot which relates about a small naked boy was found, in winter, outside the gates of Heaven.
St Peter picked up the child and blessed him, but there was one condition, Pierrot was not to be allowed to play with any of the human children he might come across as he wandered outside the gates of Paradise.
But this was almost impossible for a small boy, and on his return from just a meeting he realised that his white suit now had black marks on it where the ordinary children had touched him.
They proclaimed his guilt, and Pierrot was excluded from Paradise forevermore.

Pierrot is a small boy who was proclaimed guilt.
by Miss Lii November 11, 2006
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If your name is Pierrot, I'll pay your taxes forever.
"Yo some rando named Pierrot slid into my dms the other day talking about an overwhelming obsession with Joe Jonas..."
"Dude, named Pierrot? check yo bank account because you're gonna be paying double tax fo ev ah"
by IjustgotrailedbyMickKarn May 13, 2022
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the one you sing Paul Stanley in platforms about
I was made for loving you baby

You were made for loving me

And I can't get enough of you baby

Can you get enough of me

head bang wink

Pierrot like David Bowie not the clown yes there's a difference
by IjustgotrailedbyMickKarn May 13, 2022
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Pierrot are a pretty popular Japanese rock, or Jrock band. Members are kirito, aiji, jun, kohta and takeo.
Songs by Pierrot: neogrotesque, Purple Sky, Bariro no sekai.
by omgwtf March 25, 2005
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To beat up a guy (especially a black one) by tackling him to the ground and punching him repeatedly in the face and abdomen.
Yeah you I heard he went Pierrot on his ass.
by Mayday Project June 30, 2010
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