An animal rights organisation that serves only to demean its own cause, by staging ridiculous and over-the-top press events, and other obsene attacks on its opponents.

This is partially because people tend to turn their heads away from exposure to the hideous and gruesome reality of animal cruelty in modern society -- resulting in the need for more outlandish tactics to bring people's attention to the issue.

People usually find this offensive, especially since PETA seems to subscribe to EVERY possible viewpoint concerning animal rights, no matter how extreme.
"I hope people don't think all animal rights activists are as moronic and extreme as the PETAs...."
by Nerd-Boy June 21, 2004
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A front for a terrorist organisation. Members of PETA believe that "animal rights" is a worthy cause for murders and bombing. Most of them are vegans.

This group is highly dangerous and needs to be eradicated as part of the "war on terror". At least Al Quaida don't pretend to be anything other than a bunch of goat-f***ing terrorist scum.
"She mu a member of PETA. Look, she's skinny, pasty, anaemic and malnourised, and... OH F***! SHE'S GOT A BOMB! RUN!"
by ILMOSTRO February 21, 2005
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I agree with PETA in the fact that I'm all for the welfare of animals being treated properly. But they go overboard in the fact that they think animals should should have more right than humans! Hypocrites... First of all; they're against eating meat, period. Even if it could cure some poor little boy's hunger/starvation. They're also against wearing fur, even if it could help someone to be warm in cold to freezing tempuratures and they're against people having pets, even though they provide human companionship and love often on their own free will. They also go as low as to stop drug research, even if if it means to find a cure for AIDS or any other deadly diseases that could help very sick people to get back to health.

They use extreme, destructive tactics to get their dumbass point across(ex. Destruction of human property, burglary, instigating full-scale riots, arson, bombing, murder/attepmted murder, scaring the living hell outta little kids, ect...).
Now, I'm all for animals being treated properly and I like animals too(not in any sick way you might be thinking of). But these terrorists go way too friggin' far.
I don't mind if you're a vegan/vegetarian, so long as you're not associated with these idiots or as long as you don't shove your moral/dietary values down other's throats... Then we have no problem whatsoever.

Anyways, my point is that PETA is a idiot organization hell-bent on world domination(if not total human extiction for the other life forms to survive). Atleast to take away all human rights and give them to the animals. Hell, they probably wouldn't even try to defend themselves against an animal that is about to maul them to death. Morons... If they're that damn stupid, they need to be eaten by that very same animal. Or atleast roundhouse kicked by the Great Chuck Norris. That would probably wake them up(if not shatter every bone in their bodies). ;-)
I eat meat. Yes, I do but there's not a damn thing you PETA bastards can do or say to make me feel bad about it. So why don't you go screw yourselves and crawl right back under Dumbfuck Rock where you came from?

Down with PETA! Stupid, evil, animal fucking terrorists/criminals...
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1.A buch of retarded Hippes who are against humans but love animals and think that people should stop eating meat and leave animals alone because they're to damn stupid to realize that were part of the food chain and infact on TOP of it. Think that Jesus was vegetarian but if they actually read the first page of the Bible they would realize everything they stand for was wrong and they should just go eat somthing besides lettuce. 2. PET@ Poledancers Effing Testicular @$$wipes. The old Haggus sucker you did last night.
1.Whatta you think those Canines are for? shreddin Lettuce !?!?!. Paco: Meat is murder! Juilio:You stupid Yabitchuary go kill somthing and eat it or ill kill you and eat you. PETA SUCKS 2. Ramona: Dude I did a PET@ Last night ! El-Nacho: Wow thats too PG-13 for a 8 year old to be doing.
by Snude-Likkker August 15, 2010
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the gayest most hippie ass organization i have ever seen
the gayest organiztion ever
by psycho89 March 15, 2005
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PETA SUCKS!! good lord, i dont know if any normal thinking person would disagree. they say that eating meat, wearing fur having a pet or god forbid keep one in a zoo. well you peta lovin retards listen up, god gave us animals to eat, to wear, to use for our entertainement or anthing else so if you say animals are our equals then SCREW YOU!!
peta member: hey eating meat is evil put down that hamburger right now!
peta member: alright you asked for it...
(large bucket of red paint is dumped on me, i draw gun shoot peta member in face,cop shows up and tells me good job)
by bigb117 May 22, 2008
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