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Post Examination Stress Disorder. Often accompanied by a sentiment of worthlessness, self-doubt, boredom, caffeine addiction, and overall sense of not knowing what to do with oneself. Cures for PESD include but are not limited to excessive sleep, masturbation, consumption of Chipotle, alcohol, and vacation.
After consistently getting 3 hours of sleep for a week and getting slammed by his BC Calculus, AP Physics, and AP World History examinations, John had a severe case of PESD. It took him about two weeks to recover, and the moment he was feeling like himself again he was back in school.
by Dilax December 25, 2014
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I can't accept the results of the election. I am having PESD.
by Red1967 February 22, 2017
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Most of America is now suffering from PESD because of what happened in the last election. Voters from all Parties are now questioning the 2016 results because of bots, trolls and foreign State players.
by CaptD April 02, 2017
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