Abbreviation for post-cycle therapy. Refers to a class of drugs and the administration regime employed to restore a user's natural hormone production after a "cycle" in the ergogenic use of anabolic steroids.
If you're going to go on a steroid cycle, you had better at least have a PCT planned out.
by zwordsmith June 29, 2013
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Pacific Crest Trail. One of the three main long-distance hiking trails in the US; goes from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast Ranges.
That hippy is going to hike the PCT.
by frick1 April 1, 2010
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Used after steroid cycle to restore testosterone levels in body.
After my cycle of Dianabol, I will use Milk Thistle as a PCT.
by Jacob B. July 10, 2005
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PCT (post cum torture) is the act of aggressively playing with ones cock after they cum until they do so again.
PCT Is the pathway to the soul.
by Femcel June 9, 2020
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PCT: an acronym for professional cock tease.

A girl who "cock teases" a guy with no intention of pursuing anything with him.

Alternatively a man can be a PVT
Nathan: Bro, that girls been calling me non stop, and when i asked her out she said she wasn't interested

Keith: What a PCT!
by Nathanielazzi October 19, 2010
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PCT or Pashmak's comeback theorem is a unique sports betting strategy- in memory of the late Iranian feline Pashmak.
We rode a massive PCT streak and made loads of cash to spend on hookers and booze.
by Pashmak Goozberg March 9, 2010
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