a clothing line that came fresh out in 2003 known allover tdot(toronto,slang for nice
im reppin nise clothin,yo im nise nigga
by yung-TeEzY July 6, 2006
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Someone who is unbelievably considerate. In order to meet the criteria of a Nise, you must relate to the following:
• So amazing that they,like, can’t be human
• ouch I’m sorry you cut your foot open but can i take a flick tho?!?!
• Loves music and art
• Yay, candle wax!
“ Alicia keeps taking photos of my cut. How sadistic
“True, she’s being suchhh a nise right now. Honetly.”
by nocloutgains January 6, 2018
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Rererring to someone who is not acting coherently, could be a personality trait or consequence of a certain circunstance. Used after a great hybrid girl.
"This job is driving me nise!"
"He's so nise."
by DarknessOokami August 27, 2009
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