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Parent's Basement University. It is a sarcastic/comical response to the question "Where do you go to school?" when you don't go anywhere, you just live off of your parents, most likely living in their basement.
A Friend's Dad: "How's school, where do you go? ASU right?"
Me: "No, actually they wouldn't even accept me, so I'm going to PBU. I got a full ride!"
by CMart1n May 29, 2009
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Pretty Boy Unit: Gang founded by spanish high school teenagers (mainly Puertoricans and Dominicans) in the Bronx, NY. But now is also being joined by black people and spreading around the NY boroughts. They are also known for throwing lots of parties to celebrate its members b-days or any other holiday and also for its relation with other Ent.'s (Entertainments, like Kantaso Ent., Hasta Bajo Ent., etc), they also known for their particular way of retro dressing, colorful skinny jeans, tight shirts and sneakers (no homo).
Ayo don't mess wif me manq or ima throw mah pbu niqqasz at u yoo, get itt rite niqqa!!!

Kevin: Yoo u retro style is madd tight, y iz dat???
Chris: Ohh yeah datz deh new PBU shit, im rockinq it!!!
by daz323 February 24, 2008
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Pronounced puh-boo an acronym for Pointless Build Up.
Used when a seemingly interesting story comes to a sudden and often disappointing finale. Or used to stop a story in the middle by the story teller upon realisation that the tale isnt going anywhere. Aimed at saving or explaining poorly told stories
"i took the bus into town the this morning and sat beside this total babe, she had the sexiest whitest smile, big boobs, and and rip in in the inner thigh of her pants, and she was staring at me the whole time. i knew she wanted it. then she got off at the next stop."
"dude, what a pbu"
by thedunx February 14, 2012
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