Pak means hot. " It is pronounced as "Paakh".
It is a common lingo used in Thailand. very popular among the Thai youth. the fad has caught on to the exptriate community in Thailand as well
If somebody says that you look "Pak" - It means you look good. It is considered as a compliment.
by matzmajestic November 05, 2009
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An Acronym for PanzerAbwehrKanone, a term loosely applied to many large or heavy-barrelled antitank weapons utilized by the German army in World War II.
The Krauts had set up two PAK40s on either side of the farmhouse.
by Paul Nowak August 17, 2006
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PAK- When you want to do the least amount of work possible, always push your work onto someone else and leave work early especially if the boss is gone all while still being paid as a General Manager. You PAK yourself up and your work onto someone else. Also used as PAKing.
Hey guys, I see the boss is gone, I am going to leave you with my reports while I PAK today.
by Winniezing October 28, 2020
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To strike or otherwise beat with or without an implement of beating. Originally started as a parody of the visual 1960s Batman fight sound effects. Imagine the word "PAK" in bright letters when you strike someone or something.
If he doesn't shut up I'm going to pak him in the head.
by heviarti October 02, 2005
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Pulling a Kanye Or to pull a Kanye. Interrupting someone just to get attention or to brag
I was talking to my girl and this dude cameand started bragging about his New Jordans. He went all PAK on me
by Jiffypop4 March 14, 2015
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Short for a professional ass kisser, and/or a brown noser. You may find these people at your place of work, or in any situation where this person is trying to get ahead in life. Stop these people dead in their tracks at all costs.
Look at Chief J. Brown, what a PAK, he is brown nosing his life away.
by the queen babe March 07, 2011
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