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Adjective (PAGRO, Pagro) A portmanteau, the term blends the words "passive" and "aggressive" together to allow for more fluid discussion. "Pagro" retains all definitions and meanings associated with the root phrase "passive aggressive", a communication style used by weak bitches to express dissatisfaction without actually expressly stating why they are dissatisfied.
Dick: Where are you going tonight ?
Thaddeus: We're gonna go pick up some strange and lay pipe.
Dick: Oh, that's really nice. I obviously don't like strange vagina, so no worry I wasn't invited. <Sigh>
Thaddeus: Yeah, we didn't invite you cause we're all sick of your pagro bullshit.
Dick: Oh sure, cause I'm the only one who is ever pagro.
Thaddeus: Fuck off.
by BigNutzCracker May 09, 2018
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