A terrifying and amazing horror game that would've been Konami's greatest achievement in horror based video gaming, but upon the announcement it had been canceled, it instead sadly became the basis for the biggest middle finger Konami has EVER given it's fanbase...assholes
Hideki Hayakawa deserves a sexual encounter with Pyramid Head for cancelling P.T.
by Metallicajunkie November 11, 2018
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A Person so lame that it can't be expressed in words. Usually used to express anger towards that person. Its original is unknown but is widely used and accepted , a commonly used term in North India by individuals.
Is something wrong mate? You're acting like an actual P.T.

Oy Tu P.T. hai Kya?
by TheCampingRunner November 11, 2018
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Post Text

The text messages that are sent directly after 2 people have just had a spoken conversation or physical interaction
A P.T. conversation usually goes such:

textmessage1: hey thanx 4 stopping by... It meant a lot to me ;)
textmessage2: no prob c u l8r
by Les Poisson August 25, 2008
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a pint of codeine and promethazine with a seal on top
I don’t want two ounces of drank I want the whole P.T
by BLK Agency March 31, 2021
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Pt; Pussy twitch ; in which a guy is so hot or sexy he makes you twitch
Wow that guy is so hot he made my p.t
;He is soo P.T
by Ewstop_that May 10, 2018
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Pt. Penis twerk: when you meet a very hot chick and she gives you an erection and you start to swing your penis around in a circle
Wow, that chick is so hot she made my p.t there is a Ferris wheel in my lower body
by Melisso October 07, 2019
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