The most loving sweetest boy you will ever meet. Will start off as your best friend but then will turn into much more as you fall deeply in love for his smile, sense of humor and smile. Owen's have the biggest heart but are often very complicated and confusing. With mood swings and different signals. They are the type of person that will come home after a long day at work, bring you chocolates and flowers and rub your feet because he knows you've had an even harder day. Owen's are the type of people you fall in love with, slowly, and no matter what they are to you... they will always be your best friend.
Damn, I need me an Owen
by Truthfull meanings March 13, 2017
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'owen' is a term used to describe one with great influence and great natural charisma. Often used interchangably with the words pimp, 1337 and omnipotent. The term is also used to describe immaculate performance in bed.
1) Snoop Dogg is such an owen

2) I'd say God is fairly owen

3) Ohhhhhh shit, that lorry just totally went all owen on that hedgehog

4) He was so owen i couldn't walk properly for days
by Jane button April 01, 2007
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Owen is a sweet kind considerate young man who love to send time with the one he loves. He is tall, hot, and blonde hair! Everyone loves him and he gets along with people all of the time. Own is the funniest person you will ever meet and is as innocent as can be. You'll never be happier without an Owen in your life, once you have a friend or loved one named Owen you must keep him in your heart forever. Even though he is shy at first, he will open up and you'll see how great Owen actually is.
Girl #1 - Omg, i went on a date with Owen last night!
Girl #2 - OmG! OWEN IS A BABE!!
by blubers-221 January 13, 2013
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The most loyal and amazing friend anyone could ever ask for. He is a wonderful person and he's nice to everyone. For him, making friends is super easy because everyone likes him. Most people even love him...like me! He's funny and he has a spectacular personality and people are jealous of him because he's not afraid to be himself.
Person 1 : I'm friends with Owen now and I can't believe I was missing out before on all of this. I'm so shocked because he is just so amazing!
Person 2 : Oh my gosh I know right! Gosh I'm so lucky he's my friend! I hope he knows how great of a person he is.
by The Joksters Nightmare April 19, 2013
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all Owen's have three inch destroyers... watch out girls
person 1- "will it hurt"
owen- "you won't feel a thing"
by owenthenutter66 October 30, 2019
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