It's a furry way of telling someone they have a) a big dick or b) a boner
Furry: OwO what's this?
Person: Uhhh...
Furry: You have a big wulgy bulgy UwU
by Shrekswaifu69 July 24, 2019
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If someone uses this, they might be a furry. It’s used when they are intrested, they see something lewd
*notices your bulge* OwO what’s this?
by Carpic November 2, 2018
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a way of expressing yourself when you discover something new or something you have never seen before.
person:*discovers something*

also person: owo whats this?
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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A question commonly asked of the ancient Egyptian god of knowledge, Thoth, also known as Θώθ by the Greeks, which has been simplified as OwO by modern internet dwellers for ease of use.
Person: "OwO, what's this?"

Θώθ: "Why don't you tell me? They're your pants."
by Solhir August 13, 2022
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OwO What's this is defined as "A vile thing said or typed to people. It can mean many things. But mostly it means "Hey everyone! I'm a cunt that says owo What's this? Come Beat My Ass!".
Furfag: OwO What's This?

Other Person: Oh Fuck A Furry is Here! RUN!

Furfag: OwO Give It To Me~

by Everyone's A Fucking Faggot September 13, 2019
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