When a woman is particularly more attracted to a man and is really horny for the majority of this time
by 001011010001 July 28, 2015
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Ovulation (Oh-vu-lai-sion), -noun, -verb.

Noun, (plural form: Ovulations)
Any crusty cake, e.g. brownie, which is made by a woman who is in the middle of her menstrual cycle

Verb, (Ovulate)
When a woman, or occasionaly a man, bakes any crusty cake, e.g. brownie, during his/hers/its menstrual cycle.
Foreign Dude: Hey man, these taste awesome. Are they brownies?

Chill, Non-Foreign Dude: Nah, they are ovulations, my girlfriend made them, it was that time of the month anyway.

Dude to another dude: My girlfriend is so great at ovulating, the brownies she can ovulate are simply the best.
by A Wise Guy You Know December 18, 2009
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The release of an egg from an ovary during the menstrual cycle.
Studies show women are more attracted to “macho” guys near ovulation. The rest of the month, they’re drawn to “good providers,” otherwise known as chumps.
by stealth17 February 1, 2006
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To be used my the male gender to express a form of over excitement.
Listen dude, that's soo funny, I'm ovulating!
by Keltec September 11, 2006
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When one performs at the lowest end of the spectrum
Damn nigga yous ovulating. This guy is so ovulating.
by Big thorn nigga July 19, 2018
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