Ovi is a name used for only the most sexy and brilliant. Usually in a technical field.
Every man wants to look and think like Ovi.
by DannyMaca September 8, 2006
Short for Obviously, when someone blatently states the obvious, then say it ;)
- "You're browsing Urban Dictionary"
- "Ovi"
by Jamibi March 31, 2007
It was so ovi that she liked him
by ZammmTruth May 28, 2016
A special person from love island who needs to be protected at all costs.
“Ovie is literally bae I love him
by Idek.idk July 25, 2019
Ovie is a traditional Nigerian name, meaning ‘king’.
by consumechickennuggsnotdrugs February 22, 2021
The nickname for Washington Capitals Left Winger Alexander Ovechkin.

Also sometimes spelled "Ovy".
"Man, Ovie was hot last night!"
by Hungryfrog May 26, 2009
when somebody takes the girl you like but it’s absolutely fair game because we’re both in the same position
*India on Ovies back in the villa pool*
chris: i think i’m getting ovied