A phrase used by weak people to make themselves feel better when they have an abnormally busy day and/or life.
Woman: I need a good cry..... I'm overwhelmed! Waaaaaaa 😭
by JoeyBomm April 19, 2020
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1- a distraction
2- the feeling you get when you really need to take a shit
1- uh, HEY look! An Overwhelming Number Of Beavers

2- Let me in before I let out An overwhelming Amount Of Beavers, and you're gonna be the one cleaning it up.
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough September 18, 2016
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Someone with a right now, asap, all the time attitude. Example: Justin Hamilton.
Don't be so overwhelming. You're making me anxious.
by GreenEggsAndSam12 February 26, 2020
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Seungmin , is an overwhelming visual that deserves the whole world <3
Oh!Have you heard?Seungmin is an Overwhelming Visual!”
by 0nlydina October 18, 2021
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