halo. launch game for the microsoft xbox video game platform. heralded by many a clueless moron as the best game ever.
halo is the best game ever

(note : its actually no where near.)
by markgreyam January 06, 2005
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See arsenal

London club consisting mainly of French twats and diving tossers. Managed by a French cunt, although he prefers to be called Arsene Wegner.
Manchester United - 2
Arsenal - 0

49 and done.
by Tajiri October 24, 2004
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Overrated is secret internet dork code for "I don't like it so you shouldn't and also PS I'm a huge fag."
"-x- movie is the most overrated movie ever."
by Arobixinstructor September 09, 2004
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A word used by narcissistic, self obsessed chuckle fucks, who dislike something but cannot handle the concept of subjection and who believe their own opinions are more valid than the opinions of countless other people regardless or reasoning or taste.

an example might look like:

Mike: "hey Dan, whats your favorite video game?"
Dan: "Oh, I don't play video games, they're overrated"
Mike: "what do you mean?"
Dan "everyone loves video games so much, i just think its pointless, they're so overrated"
Mike: "So you're saying that each one of those people who DO like video games for their own reasons aren't valid, and are immediately discredited simply because you, one person do not? regardless off the fact that clearly everyone has different tastes in media and all enjoy different things for different reasons? and therefor the concept of "worth" is entirely personal, and not definitive measurement of what is good and what is not?"

Dan: ..."what?"
Mike: "its called subjection"
Dan ..."whats that?"
Mike: ..."You fuck-knuckle"
"regardless of all your opinions and tastes, that thing you like is simply overrated"
by CJ/Y November 28, 2014
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A word that most metal/pop/alternative fans use to describe a classic rock band when they have nothing better to say because they KNOW that these bands are actually good. Kids use this to describe (sadly) Led Zeppelin (You gotta be kidding me), Jimi Hendrix (You'd really be a troll for this), The Beatles (Really?), AC/DC (No, seriously, you fucked up), if you really knew what true music is, then you should write your own songs, and see how easy it is to do so. And what happens when people call YOU overrated. 'Nuff said.
Gustavo Sanchez: Man, this solo Hendrix is playing is the


Lohn Jennon: Ugh, so overrated, try listening to like, Linkin Park, Justin Bieber, or MCR.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Fawk you, arse hole.
by Rock and Roll Troll March 06, 2011
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To overestimate or rate something too highly..
Star wars should be the most overrated movie series in history...
by googler4ever May 10, 2006
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