A guess. An impulsive thought not worth consideration. A sarcastic remark about the origin of an item.
"I just pulled an idea out of my ass." "I pulled that theory out of my ass." "Where did i find it? I pulled it out of my ass."
by Undun May 20, 2015
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To stop being ridiculouse and to get off of someone's case and leave them alone and go back to the hole they crawled out of
Mom: "I don't like the lack of parental supervision.."

Selena "can you climb out of my ass??"
by Jdmhondacivic September 29, 2014
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Extreme diarrhea. Nearly pure fluid generally yellow or light brown that comes forth while attempting to shit but finding out you have this problem. Shit that actually is more like piss
Scott: "After we had that $4 all-you-can eat Chinese buffet last night, I woke up with massive stomach cramps. I went to the can and was pissing out of my ass."

Max: "yea, I had the same problem, I went to the can to take a leak, finished, fealt I had to shit, turned around, sat down and ended up pissing out of my ass!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
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When you have no time, are unprepared, or don't know what you're doing... You're pulling it out of your ass. Commonly used in situations where a person may have procrastinated or waited until the last minute to prepare anything, or is put in position where they must perform or answer questions on things they have no idea about.
My boss just came and asked me for a summary of customer info and I had to pull it out of my ass.
by Kat Smith August 17, 2007
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"Get out of my ass" means something like "I can handle myself", but it isn't an exact mirror. It can be used in situations in which a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or family member cares way too much about you.
"Cas, get out of my ass!"
by AnataSky May 11, 2014
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Verb. To make up a completely untruthful story. To invent a story. To tell an untruthful story. To construct a story out of lies. To lie.
"Mark is such a liar, he told me a story how has to take care of his sick grandma last weekend, he totally pull that out of his ass!"
"I've told my girlfriend that I'm from France and I'm here on a student visa, I totally pull that out of my ass, I haven't even been to France."
by a66spam July 9, 2015
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I'd like to meet new people (in person) and increase my social circles. If something clicks I'd like to get to know that person better in the name of dating. Eventually find eternal happiness and shoot rainbows out of my ass as I ride around on my unicorn for the rest of my life.
by Doc Molly February 26, 2015
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