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A German name meaning king.A smart and funny person that loves to laugh and make others happy. May act shy at first but getting to know him he's nothing like you would think. He likes to joke and play around and knows how to enjoy a good laugh. He likes teasing people. Also very observant. Socially active but once in a while can be a loner cos he realizes that there's time for everything. Also very smart and knows how to hold a conversation though he's more of a joker. He would always keep his family close at heart. Always puts others first and never dodges his responsibilities.Otti may not be the most handsome but he knows how to look good all the time and a lot of girls fall for him easily but then Otti would forever remain loyal to the one he loves cos he loves deeply and would do anything to keep his love even though he knows he's at a risk of heartbreak. He may pass through hard times but he's good at hiding his problems and turning everything into a joke. He's good at acting like he's ok even he's broken and he won't want anyone to worry about him.

When in a relationship he can be very possessive and might feel insecure at time and can also act desperate but all he needs is constant reassurance of love. Any girl he loves would be lucky to have him cos he would do anything to make her happy and would love her like she's never been loved before but she'd better be smart to do the same. At first he seems like the "bestfriend" kind of guy but he is amazingly romantic.
Such a smart and funny guy. You must be Otti!!
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I couldn’t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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A type of syndrome where the sufferer over reacts to many different situations blowing them out of proportion.

O ver
T he
T op
I diot
S yndrome
1. She has severe OTTIS!
2. I think we should nickname her "OTTIS"
by MagicMan744 February 12, 2009
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A person that is so hot , so hot that when you read you automatically feel an orgasm inside you
Ottis in castlecroft is soo Damn Sexxy
by Ottisy April 28, 2011
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acronym for "Older Then The Internet"
usually used as a comment to an internet forum posting of something that is old but the poster believes its new.
That Goatse link is OTTI!
by RUNAMUCK March 10, 2006
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Skanky lanky ass bitch, can’t stop eating but is damn skinny. Bitch thru day, partygurl thru night. Most likely a model/going to be a model
This bitch is a total otti
by ottie April 11, 2020
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Person who is not cool and will cry while proms going on TikTok Will not except you be responsible get on with your life
by The man who to April 12, 2020
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