1. A song made famous by Von Iva.
2. When a girl isn't willing or ready to have sex.
Bill : "So how's it goin with yr girl, Jeff?"

Jeff : "She's not hot to trot yet."
by dakslgj;sldkjf! September 17, 2008
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Someone with good looks, sex appeal and that is damn fine!
'Check him out-
hot-to-trot or what?!'
by Fizz Fizz May 2, 2006
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A word that means he or she is super hot.
Mat says to Tom "That girl over there is hot the trot."

Raven says, "That boy is hot the trot."
by Raven Bishop November 12, 2009
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When an Anomalie Bride is eager to buy a dress and the momentum just can't be stopped!
Wow, I have Leslie on the line and she is Hot to Trot!
by ItsAnAnomalie September 26, 2018
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The Tuscumbia hot and trot is a mild aphrodisiac taken on Prom Night to “help things along.”
Mandy was a little timid for her date with Mark, so she took a little Tuscumbia hot and trot, plus a vaginal lubricant.a
by evil gym sock January 25, 2023
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