A sexual maneuver which begins in the cowgirl position. After the man ejaculates inside the woman she gets up off his penis and positions her vagina over his navel. Now he opens her vagina and lets the semen run out into his belly button. This maneuver was named for its resemblance to an otter opening a shell on its stomach.
"Pete, what's an Otterbox?"

"Just give me a second to get the lint out of my belly button and we'll get started."
by The Wooly Shambler August 21, 2011
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A very horny girl who is hairy and/or ugly. As in the girl is wet, hairy and tough to deal with.
Yeah they're ugly, but they're all Otter Boxes!
by Mudslide James July 28, 2011
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(ot`er`boks), n., pl., -es. 1. the butthole of an otter, mangina. Origin: Amer. 2014-. see box for expanded understanding.
Kissing Benedict Cumberbatch's otterbox would make Jack very happy.

Well known otters Kyle and Farley took turns pounding otterboxes in the haverdashery department of the department store they work at.
by Cell Phoning January 22, 2014
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Using a condom. #WellProtected #SecondChances
Fuckint came like a hose. Good thing I had my otterbox on.
by HowBahNah October 09, 2018
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