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A hott guy who respect women , and who doesn't thinks he can mess with anyone and everyone and treat 'em like crap . He is the oppose of a loser. Every female should mess with a guy named Osvaldo. He is a not a player, he is a Lover. A person only likes to make his girl special. Only a jerk would be jealous of him
I love Osvaldo
by WHY????????? August 28, 2010
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A handsome mexican that respects girls and will do anything to make her happy. he is very good in bed and his balls are just the right size to play with. his penis is the best one you will kill for. if you're a girl you should try to find a guy named osvaldo hes different from all the other guys hes sweet, cute,trustworthy, and always has something good to say to his special girl. He's not a jerk and a player.
girl 1: i want osvaldo
girl 2: hes the best
by 98701 November 06, 2011
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A rare handsome Italian guy. This name in Italian is very uncommon thus people tend to keep Osvaldo's around when they find them. Usually a funny guy.
Guys I found an Osvaldo for our group!
by KentaNYC September 22, 2010
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A sexy guy, who respects women's feelings, and doesn't mess with anyone or treats them like crap. He is the opposite of a loser. Every girl should have a guy named Osvaldo in their life. He is not a player, but simply a lover. A person who likes to make his woman feel special. Only assholes wouldn't like him.
"Osvaldo is so sweet, I love him"
by Definition of Osvaldo September 12, 2018
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Someone who is sweet and caring. They are loved by everyone and not just their personality is amazing their looks are too. Osvaldo is typically a really hot guy who won’t let you down in any sense of the phrase. He is just overall perfect.
P1: who’s the hot new guy?
P2: I think his name is Osvaldo.

P1: yeah, that makes sense.
by Icyrose17 February 11, 2018
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