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Oskar. There are two different types of "Oskars": The "shy type" and The "popular type".

The shy type typically have brown hair and brown eyes with dimples. They usually have white or tan/brown skin and are very kind.

The popular type typically have blond or brown hair and green/blue eyes. They usually have white skin and are very sporty and friendly.

Both types are mainly European or North American.
1. (shy type)
a: who's that new kid?
b: oh, that's Oskar. he's quiet but when you get to know him he's a pretty kind guy.

2. (popular type)
a: damn, that new kid is really smart and sporty!
b: ya, all the girls are into him. his name is oskar and he has great taste.
by Sanji Vinsmoke August 23, 2019
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