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Oriana is a bad bitch and she knows it she doesn't need any one to tell her that either. She is an amazing friend and she's very loyal she is most beautiful person on earth but she doesn't think she is she is sweet and talented.
Oriana is so beautiful OMG!! I love Oriana
by Itssss_myaaa February 05, 2019
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1. A unique and pretty name that means "golden dawning".

2. The first name of the famous Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci who also was a former partisan during World War II, she had a long and successful journalistic career.

3. The title of the 1985 film "Oriana" which was about a young girl who is sent to a South American hacienda, where she learns about the life of her reclusive aunt, Oriana.

4. The name of Chicago's premier a cappella chamber choir.

5. A cruise ship owned and operated by P&O Cruises built by Meyer Werft shipyard in 1995, and entered service in 1995 after being christened by the Queen at her home port of Southampton. She is the second ship to carry the name 'Oriana', in tribute to the long serving SS Oriana, which served for Orient Line and P&O from 1959 until 1986.
"Oriana is so nice!"

"I'm devastated about Oriana Fallaci's death, she was my favorite journalist!"

"Oriana was such a great movie, I really reccommend it!"

"Wow, when I went to Chicago, I watched the Oriana choir and they were amazing!"

"I really enjoyed my stay on the SS Oriana"
by shizzle032093175 June 18, 2008
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An amazing human being who is super hot and fun. Any person would be happy to be with an Oriana.
Guy 1: Is she an Oriana?

Guy 2: She has to be, she is so amazing!
by fabulasious February 02, 2018
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Sensitive, emotional girl,
Someone who treasures her friends.

Who tries to do things right but sometimes she just can't be perfect.
One With A good smile :D
Oriana has a beautiful Smile :)
by WordplayGG February 22, 2010
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A BOSS. a woman who is loved, valued, and worthy of both. good at growing hair. shes a beast. lifts heavy. great body.prpably owns a jeep. she DONT need no man.
i wish i was oriana
by kwillyo April 21, 2018
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Oriana is beautiful and unique. Honestly she is the best thing that can ever happen in your life. She is loyal and appreciates you. She won't judge you for how you look but for who you are. Oriana follows her goals and doesn't depend on anyone. She's a boss. Oriana cares about her friends. Usually they have beautiful brown eyes. They have a personality thats unique. She is funny, clumsy, and she will always be there for you when you need her. If you ever meet an Oriana stick with her trust me!
Her name is Oriana but I call her Ori.
by oneofakinddefinition October 07, 2019
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Very talented and beautiful and is very smart and sexy
Oriana is so beautiful and chooses her friends wisely any guy would be lucky to have her
by Itsssss.jasmineee73 May 21, 2019
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