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They're usually middle height and hate doing work yet they are good at it. Orians laugh easily and are outgoing but can get frustrated at times. Some times shy to show their skills in a sport or other activity but when they do they will achieve greatness. For some reason they like to hang out with people that are taller than them. Their girlfriends and crushes have names that start with 'E' for some reason.
"My brother is an Orian. He is the easiest person to make laugh!"
"He Orian'd his ankles."
by .DoNtCelbrateEarly April 27, 2017
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Orian is a sweet, caring, and fairly attractive young man. He is easy to talk to. He has his values. He has a couple secret admirers. He is a Great big brother. He is also very fun, and can be the life of the party.
Hey, did you see orian last night at that restaurant?

Yeah I did. Orian is so cool. He has so many friends!
by Emmy.Lol May 19, 2018
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Meaning celtic for golden dawn. Orianna shortened to Orian, which is typically the female version of the name Orion after the constellation Orion the hunter.
The constellation Orion was the brightest it had been in 75 years, so we named her Orian
by mscookienw April 07, 2009
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some one who is extremely scared of hands and touching them. Also a name used to refer to the warts on the underside of an elephants ballsack.
My god that elephant had the biggest orians i have ever seen in my life. like damn those shits were like two separate testicles in themselves.
by Duncan7436365 April 17, 2008
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