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Orianna is the hottest person in the MF world. Also is willing to confirm that she is a sex godess.
Orianna is so hott I want to lick the sweat right off her arse
by Orianna March 23, 2005
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Orianna is on eof the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is known to be really funny and supportive. Although Orianna can be insecure sometimes so watch out of what your saying to her because she is not someone you want to make mad. They can be really nice but when you mess with her or her loved once she will bring hell to you. Orianna is know to be really Hot. And she perfers long term relationships than hookups. When you meet an Orianna don't let go of her because if you do you are missing a lot. Orianna is also the perfect girlfriend. She will put everything into her relationship and do anything to fix any problem there is. If her bae is sad she will know exactly how to cheer him up. And whoever made him sad, welp, his body was never found. One more thing. NEVER make Orianna have to choose between people because she can't. If you do she will do anything possible to choose both at the same time. Orianna isn't one to call someone her number 1 or 2 best friend. She loves everyone equally and has no enemies.
OMG these to guys are fighting over Orianna and she just wont choose. She is staying loyal to both of them.
by Unknow546 August 18, 2018
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