3 definitions by BigJuic3Cucumb3r

The rapper who did the race and got caught
Tay K: Fuck a beat, I was tryna beat a meat
Coz I’m gay like that, sucking on them feet
by BigJuic3Cucumb3r October 27, 2018
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Memes/Memers is/are people of a very sacred religion called Memebois
Women can’t be accepted since they aren’t good at memes
Memeleader: You wna join de memebois?
Local memer: Ye boi
Memeleader: Tell me a juic3 memes den
Local memer: Ask me if I’m a truck...
Memeleader: Are you a truck?
Local Memer: N00!
Memeleader: gtf out don’t shout
by BigJuic3Cucumb3r October 26, 2018
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That word you pronounced orgasm once in class
Stacy: The heart is in our body and it’s an orgasm
Billy: HA! She said orgasm instead of organism!
*Class laugh*
*Stacy cries*
by BigJuic3Cucumb3r October 27, 2018
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