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The act of when someone is ghosted but at the next level. The ghoster may ignore your texts but will stalk your social media accounts.
He broke up with her last year but she discovered that he orbited her Instagram and Facebook stories recently!
by One And Only Meli June 01, 2018
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To be orbited, I.E owned, an Orbited is far worse than an Owned, an Orbited is three times the humiliation of Owned.
Orbiting comes from a
User who has been owned so many times, thus " owned " isnt a strong enough word for it. He has risen the bar in online humiliaion.
Chris Brown whent to visit his girl, and saw four dudes walking out her side door barely dressed, he was Orbited once again.
by Dr. Eusipicus Lettuce September 03, 2004
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