To be orbited, I.E owned, an Orbited is far worse than an Owned, an Orbited is three times the humiliation of Owned.
Orbiting comes from a
User who has been owned so many times, thus " owned " isnt a strong enough word for it. He has risen the bar in online humiliaion.
Chris Brown whent to visit his girl, and saw four dudes walking out her side door barely dressed, he was Orbited once again.
by Dr. Eusipicus Lettuce September 03, 2004
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A guy that wants to sleep with his female friend.

He "orbits" her (hangs out with in a needy way) in the hopes of getting sex someday.

If the girl is hot, she usually has many orbiters.

Go open that hot chick. Don't worry about the guy, he isn't her boyfriend, he's just one of her orbiters.
by bladelaw January 03, 2006
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When someone who won't speak to you otherwise still watches every snap on your story/ IG and/or likes your posts. Usually someone who has ghosted you, but not always. Basically they're lingering in your life despite refusing to be an active part in it in any other capacity.
This guy won't answer my texts but he keeps watching my snap story... he's totally orbiting me.
by October 03, 2018
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A guy who secretly loves his female 'friend', and may go out of his way to accommodate her (couch-mover). Either the guy was shot-down early on and was placed in the friend-zone, or he never had the balls to ask her out and inadvertently placed himself in the friend-zone.
Peter wasn't actually a real friend, he was just another orbiter of yours. That's why he was being an ass to your new boyfriend.

Peter is such an orbiter. Look, he's moving a his hot friend's couch on his back!
by djsynq September 09, 2009
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Laughing extremely hard; cackling, wheezing

Unable to control ones laughter
"that was so funny it had me orbiting!"
by xXWildFlowerXx October 12, 2020
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A guy who pussyfoots around a specific woman, or women in general, in hopes of getting laid. This almost never works out, as he stays around her dawdling, ogling, and daydreaming rather than actually approaching her.
The orbiter sat patiently as he watched her. Then her boyfriend came along and he knew he had to go.
by AtlanticComputer September 05, 2020
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