A sad attemp at conservatives and republicans to mock critics of Donald trump
Smart Person: Well there have actually been several examples of Donald trump being rac-

Dumb Person: Lmao “orange man bad” fucking libtard get owned facts over feelings
by ChrisB47 July 13, 2020
A phrase typically used by conservatives and right-wingers when the media or leftists criticize Donald trump for no reason.
Right-winger: if you watched the full clip you would know that he said 'and I'm not talking about the neo-nazis because they should be condemned totally'
Right-winger:Orange man bad!
by the celery December 1, 2020
A phrase used by a conservative or right-leaning person to mock unnecessary, extreme, or false criticism of Donald Trump.
Steve: Oh my god, Trump is so bad. He's so fat and ugly and I fucking hate him. Hope he dies
John (mockingly): Orange man bad!!! orange manf bad !!!1
by NotPieGuy January 14, 2021
A common phrase to joke at critics of Donald Trump, typically used ironically but can be used unironically.
Critic: "Trump is a nazi"
Trump Supporter: "Orange man bad"
by Archelius July 29, 2020
A phrase used by Trump supporters to dismiss any criticism of their dear leader and shut down any debate about his horrible presidency whatsoever.
Smart person: I don’t like Trump’s policies because they are bad for the country.
Trumpist: Orange man bad, amirite?
Smart person: Well, Trump horribly handled coronavirus and is sending the military in our streets so doesn’t that make him a crappy president?
Trumpist: No, you just think that orange man bad.
Smart person: Okay, I guess you’re not worth talking to.
by UrbanDefinitionMaker July 22, 2020
Collective response of deranged Mainstream media at any action, good or bad of President Donald Trump. It's often used to depict the lack of original thought or opinion of so called journalists that act more like an NPC.
The Donald : Hey ! Incredible news, I've just brought peace to the middle east and earnt two nobel peace prize nominations"

The media: Orange man bad. Time to cancel the peace prize.

The Donald : You're fake news
by ahmedofahmedovs September 15, 2020
A chant yelled by Trump-supporters, who don't know how to respond to criticism, whenever someone says something negative about their president.
Stupid leftist: "Did you hear that the potus made a climate change denier run the Environmental Protection Agency, and also called Kim Jong Un 'short and fat'?"

Sane, rational republican: "HURR DURR! ORANGE MAN BAD! IM A STUPID LIBTARD NPC!"
by Rad Goon May 31, 2019