The juice from a ginger. What a redhead spews when he cums.

*cum ejaculate liquid gold
Sue: you know that ginger Stan?
Barbara: yea, what about him?
Sue: I was bored so I gave him one helluva bj and was surprised with a mouthful of Orange juice. It was as tasty as could be!
by Kel-Kan December 28, 2015
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boy: u like drinking orange juice?

girl: hy hy

boy: u would like ts
via giphy
by ms.pimpinyourshoe May 31, 2021
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Objectively inferior milk harvested from harmless fruit by pulling out their intestines
Hey bro do you want orange juice?

What no bro I only drink cow juice
by A Spaceturle June 30, 2020
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Synonym for something extremely outrageous or controversial.
Deeko: Yo, did you hear about big andy?

Wee Jim: Nah, what about him?

Deeko: He got caught dogging by fat fred's ma!

Wee Jim: No way! That's a bit orange juice! Um, what was she doing there by the way?

Deeko: exactly! Tropicana!
by davemceldontstop April 28, 2009
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