4 definitions by Kel-Kan

The flattened, unappealling shapeless, but sometimes square rear end of a man or woman. Lacking butt cheeks.

Tush, backside, dumper, arse, noassatall, buns, shitbox, fartbox.
While Peggy has definitely got it going on back there, poor Hank is sporting a mattress ass.
by Kel-Kan December 07, 2015
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Inexpensive, plastic, waterproof & often colorful footear for men and women.
I will only date guys who wear their crocs with tube socks & manties.

My boyfriend and I have matching crocs.
by Kel-Kan December 07, 2015
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A distinctly disgusting odor emitting from the junk of lazy and/or European dudes who are probably not circumcised or the snatch of dirty street-walking skanks who require a drip pan between their legs. Often identified by the large mass of flying insects buzzing around the crotch of said male or female. At it's worst, crotch rot can include the oozing/dripping of a greenish, highly toxic liquid.
A stomach-turning but highly effective form of birth control.

3 mile island landfill stank box
"Croshay is all kinds of nasty, dude. She got crotch rot again this week & her gash is so infected, it looks like those lips got too much botox. But, she done got rid of the roach problem in her apartment!"
"LaFonduh sat on my couch, and her crotch rot ate right through to the stuffing!"
by Kel-Kan December 12, 2015
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The juice from a ginger. What a redhead spews when he cums.

*cum ejaculate liquid gold
Sue: you know that ginger Stan?
Barbara: yea, what about him?
Sue: I was bored so I gave him one helluva bj and was surprised with a mouthful of Orange juice. It was as tasty as could be!
by Kel-Kan December 28, 2015
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