A way of saying "Please kill me" but not actually meaning it
Person 1: "Did you remember the essay due tomorrow?"
Person 2: "No, oopa"
by Smol Bean August 18, 2016
A highly hallucinatory drug with a pink and black appearance. Withdrawal symptoms include coldness, eye fatigue, and violence.
Yo Snoo Snoo! Give me some of that fucking oopa before I rip your eyes out! I'll trade you for Mr. Fuzzy!
by Wwhuicatap April 2, 2009
Oopa is the thickest juicest person alive, when she walks in the room everyone is so uncomfortable because her ass is too fat, oopa loves chiken nuggets especially with rice on the side. Oopa loves being in multiple relationships at once and she is just CRAZY!
person 1: Have you seen oopa?, she was crazy at that party!
person 2: i wish oopa would give me a chance
person 3: i heard oopa skipped ms.rouses class once
person 4: oopa is so thicc
by mikalah May 12, 2022
Something said when your friend gets triggered at the smallest things
"Dude you got a carpenter!"
by Poopoocacaheadblackaisan February 18, 2017
Non poker playin' puhhy named durm
Why you gotta be a oopa shit Durm? You non poker playin' puhhy!
by Joe Funderberg March 4, 2008
The best of the best sex position available to man kind, if you dont know it, it's too advance for you. Takes at least 2 times of trying it to actually get it down. Takes 7 times to ace it... if your lover knows it, keep them, they know what they are doing in the bed room.
oopa loop reverse sidekick flat top is girl in handstand while guy over her facing oppisite direction while male sticks in butt and reaches around while fisting her vagina, thats not the hard part yet. the female must reach up and massage his balls.
by sex addicts to the rescue March 31, 2010