A race of aliens in the Doctor Who universe. The Ood are bald with tenticles hanging from their mouths. They communicate with each other telepathically but to others with an implant in their mouths. Ood are a slave race that serve mankind in the far future, and individualism does not exist as they live as part of a hive mind. Ood are normally benevolent, but a sickness that gives the Ood red eyes turn them into murderous monsters.
Ood: Would you like some coffee?
Me: You’re an Ood so go fuck your self, freak.
by joseph blough November 27, 2022
The sexual organ of a male.
"Last night at the party, Jessica touched my ood!"

Also referred to as: Weiner.
by joetjhghgjhgfff February 26, 2009
This is a mixture of the word oof and mood

A character from Doctor who
*someone sends an image of someone jumping of of the Titanic into the water.*
Me: ood

Aren't those oods from Doctor Who soo cool?
by Your mum big gay March 16, 2019
Ood when you can't spell so you accidentally out some stupid shit @mybabyarethedolans
Another pronunciation of good @adventurous_dolans
Mybabyarethedolans: so how was yalls day?
by Adventurous_dolans July 14, 2017
Out Of Doors Experience: n. A small gathering in the hills just outside of Roseburg, Oregon; typically taking place on Memorial Day weekend. A collaborative event including but not limited to the Cloud Factory, Joy Scouts and the B.Side collectives from San Francisco, Eugene, and Portland respectively. Ooders often refer to the event as a family reunion of sorts, a campout with 200 of your closest friends.
Are you coming to my Memorial Day BBQ this weekend?

I wish I could, but I cant miss OOdE for anything in the world.
by kfo June 1, 2005
Short hand for "Out Of Date", pronounced like food without the "f".
That software's really OOD.
by PeterTheFace March 29, 2009
A person who manages to be slutty, obnoxious, stupid and ugly all at the sam time. Pronounced like "good" but without the "g"
The hookers were both oods.
by Keelan December 30, 2005