a woman, usually (but not necessarily) attractive and with a multitude of potential suitors, that has relationships that averagely last for no longer than a period of seven days. These women are quite treacherous and hard to spot, but if you do manage to detect a One Week Wendy it is highly advised the you steer clear of them. Only masters of female manipulation or those looking for relationships with little emotional investment should seek to court these vile creatures.
Person A: Oh man I'm pumped to go out with that girl i met at the bar last week! She's so hot and smart and we like all the same things!

Person B: Watch out bro, she's a One Week Wendy! She'll be all over you at first but once you hit the seven day mark she'll dump your fat ass so hard you'll be out for a month!
by mauthwau5h October 1, 2011
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A song that will debut at the top of the charts, then disappear from the top 10 the next week.
Guy number one: "OMG That song that was number one last week isn't on the top 10 anymore"

Girl We got our selves a one week wonder
by Dapsta October 29, 2010
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What 13-year-olds perceive as the best day of their lives and they think it's the next step to marriage. They're ready to maul their one-week-long boyfriend's boner.
Shanghai: OMG I can't believe it's been one week with bae!!! I love you so much <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Tokyo: OMG want to cum ovur and celebrate with some friends? :):):):):):):) Happy one week anniversary!
Logical Person: Fuck you both, you're both fucking stupid. You're 0-years-old and think you're the coolest person. Stop looking for attention you asshole.
by MoonShark July 21, 2016
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The a girl's period, it gets its name cause its called "that week"
Rob: "look at John puking"
Jim: "John, whats wrong?"
John "Well it was dark, and I was in bed with Jen, and I went down to eat her, and she was having her fucking one week bleed!"
Rob "have my colt 45, you need it"
by Duise2 May 26, 2008
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Really finna see? Its the same as a one night stand but for a week.

by spotlight ah moonlight ah December 20, 2022
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When you smash a girl for one entire week every night,but then dump her the following week
Xavier: Would you have a one nighter with Tasha?
Adam: Nah, I'm finna have a one week nighter with her.
by Yoooooolmaooo May 13, 2018
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Time given to average week worked, Monday to Friday are the usual office hours so one working week is from Monday to Friday
Your laptop will be ready in one working week
by G.A.D September 21, 2010
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