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When you're 110% up for doing something.

When something is so good it is better than 100%.

A way to describe a really fit girl.
"Oi blud, you up for gettin them spray tans later? Yeah man, One-Ten!"

"This caviar on toast is One-Ten!"

"Mate, that chick is One-Ten!"
by JoeyTommy January 24, 2012
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The rating of a girl on a scale of one to ten, usually occuring as she passes by two guys.

Ratings usually mean the following:
>8 I'd do her, even if it meant first taking it in the ass from her using a strap-on.
6-7 I'd do her if she didn't expect me to go down on her.
5 I'd do her if I was entoxicated.
4 I'd do her if no one ever found out.
3-2 I'd do her in total darkness.
1 Reserved for animals and mutants. Below threshold of normal horniness. Barely.
Dude 1: Holy shit dude?! Look at that fine biatch! What's your one ten?

Dude 2: Um dude, that's your step mom.

Dude 1: Oh bad. I mean I'd still hook up with her if I got the chance... she's definately an 8.5 any day of the week!

Dude 2: You are so fucked up dude. She's a 6.3 at best.
by Pfill Chong September 25, 2006
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Going far beyond what is neccesary. doing more than needed.
i want joe on my team for basketball he goes one ten at everything
by bille120893 December 06, 2010
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