9 definitions by sike moda

The name for the phallis of a man who cheats on his wife.
Gary is married but it came out recently that he cheated on his wife with many other women. Looks like a clear case of Tiger's Wood.
by sike moda December 7, 2009
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The amount of seconds after any minute that have passed when you end a cell call using daytime minutes and realize that roger's just charged you for a whole extra minute for that incredibly short span of time. This is usually followed by a very short depression, including reflecting on what you could have done in order to shorten your conversation by that amount of time.
Jim looked at his phone after calling bill. His call time was 3:02. He promptly palmed himself in the forehead, realizing he was within one-to-ten.
by sike moda November 17, 2009
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A person who you go out drinking with just because he has a vehicle.
"Yeah he's annoying, but if we invite him out we won't have to take a cab home. He's our broffeur."
by sike moda November 16, 2009
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This occurs when purchasing an item and your change is 4 cents, 9 cents, 14 cents, etc, and the teller rounds up your change to the next highest denomination becuase they're cool shit and pennies are ridiculous.
a buys a coffee. b (teller) does the change round-up.

a: Thanks dude.

b: No prob. I hate this job anyways.

a: Yeah, screw the man.
by sike moda November 17, 2009
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A person who tries to verbally retaliate to a witty comment, and fails epically.
a: "Your gut is so big, if i threw a cheeto at you it would revolve around it."

b: "Your brain is so dumb that it can't even do stuff."

by sike moda November 12, 2009
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A regularly chill dude who suddenly goes into an emotional rant, usually when drinking.
a: "you know you're my best friend, right? I love u man! But why do you have to be such a dick sometimes? God, you make me so angry!"

b: "Relax with the dude swing. Just drink your beer. "
by sike moda November 16, 2009
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When you delete a girl from facebook because she's being a huge bitch, then regret your decision because you can no longer facebook stalk her to find out who the new guy she's banging is.
a. "hey, sorry about that fight the other day. Friends?"

b. "sure."

a. "i have de-friend remorse. Can i add u back on fb?"

b. "no."

a. "you're banging dave aren't you. Whore."
by sike moda November 16, 2009
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