"Sorry your honor I took a one and a half on the elevator. That's why we're late I sh*t and pissed my pants."
by ShutupimaShark January 7, 2013
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To only have one and a half testicales

hipmo hehe
Mr Mallinson has one and a half
by hipmo August 6, 2007
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(verb) to make out with someone in an intimate manner, such that you seem to occupy the space of one and a half persons
"Dave and I totally one-and-a-halfed on that chair last night!"
by UDallasFemme October 9, 2011
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Not quite a double date, but not exactly a date either. It's when you invite someone out on a date, and they pull a defensive maneuver and bring a friend along, as a date shield.
Dude, I asked out that hot chick Sally on a date Saturday to cool party. She said yes, because she knew it was a cool scene, but she turned it into a one-and-a-half date, bringing along her BFF Tina to cock block.
by rickbrunernyc April 10, 2010
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The act of making sandwiches to a fractions. To suffice your and possibly another's hunger.
"Hey teagan...you hungry bro??? Yo you should make one and a half sandwiches and give me half!"
by jformo October 25, 2013
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A part of a gui-unit with values ranging from one to six. Often used in reference to poker chips.
by hole-in-the-wall February 4, 2005
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A shortened form of "six in one-half dozen in the other".

Used to represent or describe the same outcome of two circumstances.
You could take the highway, or take city roads. It doesn't really matter, they both take 10 minutes, it's six in one-half dozen.
by Blackout_ June 30, 2019
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