5 gay guys pretending to be straight. Often sings in high pitched voices and songs that make you want to throw up run away to Israel only to find they play that song there too.
Woah dude! Dude you see those {gay) dudes over there! Totally a One Direction!
by Sadiethaskank November 03, 2013
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The gayest boy band the world has ever seen. Consisting of homosexuals girls claim that one of the queers are theirs to marry. But they can't because there all HOMOSEXUAL QUEERS FROM HELL. They have a club called gay teenagers of the world (GTW). Their leader is the gayest of all of them called Justin Bieber. They all have orgies every night with each other. They have the worst music since Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers.
"Hey have your heard of One Direction?"
"You mean that gay boy band with the suck ass music"
"Yeah them.."
by Wealthybigdick April 27, 2012
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Five guys who auto tune the f**k out of their voice, don't care for their fans, copy every original group out there, have the biggest ego ever, and try to pick fights/get tattoos to make their dicks seem bigger. in other words five douchebags.
"he's such a douche" "who?" "Anyone in One Direction"
by Person#588 April 29, 2013
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Five clean cut X-Factor rejects that couldn't last on their own, so Simon Cowell slapped them together, and One Direction was born. All you need to know is their music is soulless and migraine inducing, they're only famous because girls think they're cute, they're basically a group of British Justin Biebers', and their fans are insane.

They're the herpes of music - they just won't fuck off!
Reaction to What makes you Beautiful: "You don't know you're terrible."
Reaction to One Thing: "I need an aspirin."
Reaction to Live While We're Young: I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, alright."

Conclusion: One Direction need a one way ticket to irrelevancy.
by OneDirectionSuck(andsodoyou) August 27, 2013
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A stupid crap pop band that sound like a frog and a cat with rabies mating in a pit of spikes covered inn acid when they sing
one direction suck big time
by AmazingLlamaisnotonfire August 02, 2015
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4 British fags and 1 Irish fag. They are currently loved by all girls ages 6-13. They suck at singing and are taking over the U.S. even though nobody wants them here.
Person 1: Have you heard of the band one direction?
Person 2: Ya they are all gay and their music sucks.
Person 1: I know right.
Directioner (10 year old girl): They are so damn hot <333333 I love Harry he's my husband but he doesn't know it yet.
Persons 1&2: Fuck you.
by Thesexiestpersonalive June 17, 2013
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