-why I stopped going to Claire's
-the vile beast that ate away at my little sister's brain
-the reason I hate most of my grade
-the ONLY THING WORSE than Justin Bieber

-the only bad artist(s) that came out of England (congrats you just fucked it up for your whole country) (or Ireland I don't really care!! I can just see all the Nial fans now!!
"He's from Ireland!! Get your facts straight!!"

-Directioner(or whatever the fuck One Direction fans call themselves)
"Yeah, well I'm from America!! Go fuck yourself!"

"Ugh, we are never getting back together! like ever!!"

-Taylor XD
by #bossassbitch May 24, 2014
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A shit,faggot group with teenage girl fans who finger themselves and have nothing better to do in life than listen to shitty music,THEY'RE NOT A FUCKING BAND,THEY'RE A FUCKING GROUP,GET IT RIGHT YOU RETARDS. If you want good music,fucking listen to evanescence. thankfully these fags will be forgotten in 1 or 2 years and replaced with some other mainstream bullshit.
dumbfuck: "OMG One Direction are the best I love them!"

Me: "They're ugly faggots with shit music,they don't care about their fans,they just want fucking money."
by wolf15668 August 19, 2013
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Proof that you can take a dump, call it a song, slap some pretty faces on it, and get famous from it.

Also proof that said dump can be fought over by clingy bitches all over the world.
Harry: Come on, Liam, we'll be late!

Liam: Just hold up, I'm writing our next One direction song.

*Takes large and painful dump*
by Name removed by the NSA December 05, 2013
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5 gay guys pretending to be straight. Often sings in high pitched voices and songs that make you want to throw up run away to Israel only to find they play that song there too.
Woah dude! Dude you see those {gay) dudes over there! Totally a One Direction!
by Sadiethaskank November 03, 2013
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A stupid boyband within the ranks of Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers.
This group of 19ish year old guys (Harry,Liam,Zayn,Louis,Niall) make stupid music that can give you ear cancer.
However, contrary to J. Bieber, a very FEW number of their songs are alright.
Mostly fangirled over by 8-10 who spend too much time on the internet.
See also directioners
by thatsmartalec April 16, 2013
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Five clean cut X-Factor rejects that couldn't last on their own, so Simon Cowell slapped them together, and One Direction was born. All you need to know is their music is soulless and migraine inducing, they're only famous because girls think they're cute, they're basically a group of British Justin Biebers', and their fans are insane.

They're the herpes of music - they just won't fuck off!
Reaction to What makes you Beautiful: "You don't know you're terrible."
Reaction to One Thing: "I need an aspirin."
Reaction to Live While We're Young: I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, alright."

Conclusion: One Direction need a one way ticket to irrelevancy.
by OneDirectionSuck(andsodoyou) August 27, 2013
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